Get Lit Like The Imp At This Pop-Up ‘Game Of Thrones’ Pop-Up Bar That Puts You Right In Westeros

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Transport yourself to Westeros by visiting this incredibly detailed Game of Thrones pop-up bar. Winter is coming so it’s probably best to warm yourself up with some toasty spirits.

The GoT-inspired bar aptly named “Blood and Wine” opened up in Edinburgh, Scotland. The bar is the brainchild of The Pop Up Geeks, who proclaim that the “Maesters have sifted through scrolls, trawled through parchments and painstakingly sampled the many wines, ales, spirits and infusions found within the pages of George R.R Martin’s epic A Song of Ice and Fire series to source only the finest that the Seven Kingdoms have to offer.”

The bar is decorated with a god deal of Game of Thrones props, which even includes a Longclaw, perfect for a place where overzealous GoT fans have been guzzling Tyroshi Pear Brandy all night.

The impressive drink menu is inspired by actual beverages enjoyed by characters in A Song of Ice and Fire, including a flight of wines ranging from Arbor Gold to a Dornish sour red and even a bold red entitled The Imp’s Delight. Because everything’s better with some wine in the belly. They also serve Westeros fare including Frey Pies and Sansa’s favorite, Lemon Cakes.

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