‘Game Of Thrones’ renewed, surprising no one

by 7 years ago


In the least startling news of the century, HBO has committed to a third season of Game Of Thrones. Also, water is still really wet. Blood, too. The second season of the network’s fantasy blockbuster has been shattering ratings records for HBO, with 3.9 million people watching this first episode of Season 2. That’s 74% more people than watched the Season 1 premiere, if you like math. Growth like that obviously can’t go on forever, but Game Of Thrones is absolutely a crossover hit, the biggest HBO has seen since True Blood. And with the sheer density of the source material (we’re only just done with the first book, and the others are mad long), we can see Game on TV for a lot longer. The only worry is if George R.R. Martin dies and they have to give this puppy a Sopranos ending with Tyrion fading to black in a diner. Maybe with a naked girl or two.

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