Get fired from your job by reality TV

by 5 years ago
Donald Trump


Well this sounds uniquely awful in every single way. Fox has long been the network willing to push the envelope when it comes to horrific reality TV shows – remember The Swan? Or Temptation Island? But now they’re taking things to a whole new level with Does Someone Have To Go?, a reality show that could cost you your job.

Here’s how it works: every episode, the show goes into a different company that is not performing as well as it could be in today’s difficult economy. And then it lets the employees vote on who should be fired. And then the people who get voted off Financially Solvent Island actually do get fired in real life and have to explain to their families that they don’t have a job anymore because of a reality TV show.

Fox first tried to film a pilot for the series under the title Someone’s Gotta Go in 2009 only to meet with serious protests from labor organizations, who rightfully decided that it’s a seriously f-ed up thing to mess with somebody’s livelihood for the sake of entertainment. But that didn’t dissuade the network, so they’ve decided to give it another go, placing a four-episode order with production company Endemol USA.

I don’t actually have to go into detail about how completely sick this is, right? I’m 100% sure that the CEOs and upper management are going to be immune from the game as well, leaving it to the poor working stiffs to pay the price. Did Mitt Romney write the idea for this on the back of a napkin?


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