GIF is the Oxford Dictionary word of the year

by 6 years ago

As Guyism’s resident GIF master, I feel I need to pass some important information along to you. But before I do, let me clear something up. IT’S GIF LIKE JIFFY PEANUT BUTTER, NOT GIF LIKE GIFT. Please adjust your pronunciations accordingly.

Ok phew, glad we got that out of the way. Now, to the important news regarding our favorite animated photos.

Oxford Dictionary has named GIF the word of the year. The GIF essentially has changed the way most of us view media and has become a staple for many sites, including ours.

The GIF, a compressed file format for images that can be used to create simple, looping animations, turned 25 this year, but like so many other relics of the 80s, it has never been trendier. GIF celebrated a lexical milestone in 2012, gaining traction as a verb, not just a noun. The GIF has evolved from a medium for pop-cultural memes into a tool with serious applications including research and journalism, and its lexical identity is transforming to keep pace.

Referenced on Oxford’s blog was what I consider the GIF of the year, made by yours truly. I present to you, scary synchronized swimmer. A GIF that’s been passed around the web millions of times.

Here are the other top 10 most viewed original Guyism GIFs for 2012.

9 Clint Dempsey hilariously mocks Jamaican player

A worthy silver medal in GIF.

8 Roger Goodell’s rehearsed handshake

7 Forceful boyfriend in the stands at Euro2012

6 Kate Upton telling you to come hither

From our very popular Kate Upton Guyism Animated GIFs Anthology.

5 Magic Johnson describing a no-look pass

Some more hilarious moments from that Dream Team documentary

4 Ichiro goes ninja in the playoffs

3 Tom Izzo dropping f-bombs in March Madness

2 Nick Delpopolo with the judo move of the Olympics

Too bad he was later booted from the Olympics for weed.

1 Sean Connery at the U.S. Open

Sean Connery cheers on fellow Scot Andy Murray during the U.S. Open final.