Fedora-Wearing F*ckboy Gropes Gigi Hadid On The Street, She Connects With An Elbow To His Douchebag Face

by 2 years ago

Killer prank dude! HILARIOUS. Somewhere in Milan, a mannequin in Zara is naked because this douchenozzle jacked its outfit. Even if this guy eventually cures cancer, it’s impossible for me to respect someone who looks like he just bombed at a comedy club in L.A. and is hanging around the bar repeating his shitty jokes in an attempt to get laid. This loser looks like the offspring of Adam Lavine and the Monopoly Man. Insufferable.

His name is a Vitalii Sediuk, and it may not surprise you that he’s a professional troll from the Ukraine who has a history of physically accosting celebrities at award shows and red carpet events. He rushed the stage at the Grammy’s back in 2013, kissed Will Smith on the red carpet, and grabbed Leo Dicaprio’s dick at the Santa Barbara Film festival in 2014, to name a few. The stunt is totally not played out and gets funnier every time. In Ukraine, I guess this jerkoff is considered a comedian, but in America we call this dude a stalker. The fact that this dude hasn’t been put in the hospital with his jaw wired shut is evidence that America has gone soft. He tries this stunt on Sylvester Stallone and he’ll be eating through a straw for the rest of his miserable existence.


[h/t TMZ]

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