A New ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Ending Has Leaked, It Is 150,000 Times Better Than The Original



How I Met Your Mother had one of the most disappointing series finales in recent historyThe entire final season was a prolonged piece of shit, but the finale really burned a lot of people where the sun don’t shine. It was a real hole scorcher.

Spoiler Alert: If you didn’t see or hear about it yet, the HIMYM finale revealed that the mother died and Ted moved on to be with Robin. The Internet was furious. As someone who kept watching How I Met Your  Mother till the bitter end just to see what happened, I was furious. But then the True Blood series finale came along and redefined what it meant for a finale to be a hot pile of shit. It also made me forget about the shittiness of the HIMYM finale altogether.

Today, in anticipation of the DVD release, a new, alternate ending to How I Met Your Mother was leaked. It’s not mind-blowingly incredible or anything, but it doesn’t have to be to make it better than what we were already served.

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