Woman Have Something Called The ‘O-Spot’ And A Sex Doctor Taught Conan O’Brien How To Find It



You’ve heard of the G-spot. You may not have ever hit it, but at least you’re apprised that it’s something that exists. But have you ever heard of the O-Spot? I haven’t, and perhaps that’s because I’m a realist. Any sex act that requires me to be a contortionist or to have a gigantic dick, I generally avoid. The O-spot looks like one of those acts.

Last night, sex expert Dr. Jennifer Berman showed Conan O’Brien, Kevin Nealon and Andy Richter how to find the highly sought after O-Spot. And if this demonstration is at all factual, it might take an act of God, an upwardly hooked penis, or really agape vagina for any of us to find it.

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