3 Things that Prove Canceled TV Show ‘How to Make It in America’ Is Becoming Reality

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Point One: Our trail of breadcrumbs that led to this conclusion began, as they normally do, with an email dropped in our tipbox. The email was from a guy named Connor who wanted us to feature his new clothing line. Pretty standard stuff. The name of the clothing line, though, was not standard. If you've ever seen the show, you know what's coming: It's called Crisp.

Tip: Crisp

Message: Hi,
I recently launched a Kickstarter project for my new line of 100% organic cotton undershirts and underwear…. I am reaching out to you in hopes that you will check the campaign out and share it on your site/blog/Facebook page if you believe it’s a great project. I created this new line because I was tired of the quality of shirts and boxers that were available and also because I wanted to set a new standard in the industry. Crisp wear uses 100% organic cotton instead of traditional cotton because it’s far safer for the environment and the customer. Standard cotton is grown with the use of pesticides and chemicals, whereas organic cotton is not. Organic cotton is also far superior in feel, breathability, and durability. I have attached a copy of our press release as well. I would be happy to answer any questions you have or provide any additional information if you decided to make a post about the Kickstarter campaign. Every pledge helps us reach our goal. Thank you for your time and consideration


Brandon emailed Connor back, thinking surely that he had cribbed the name from the show painstakingly watched by everyone in our office and about 20 other people in the U.S. Connor, amazingly, had never heard of it. His clothing line is named “Crisp” because the show is prophetic.

Point, the second: Ben and Cam spend “How to Make It in America's” 16 episodes trying to use their street smarts and connections to break into the New York fashion scene and live the big life they've strived for. Do they succeed? We have no clue, HBO sucks.

But guess who we just noticed is voicing the new Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos commercials?

It's Victor Rasuk, who played Cam on the show. “Sometimes, you gotta live Mas,” he says in the ad's voiceover. Could anything sum up Cam's attitude better?

Point 3: This news article today:

HOLMDEL TOWNSHIP, N.J. — Officials have removed a relaxation drink named after reggae icon Bob Marley after several students at a New Jersey school were sickened.

Marley's Mellow Mood is promoted to reduce stress. The drink's nutrition facts say it may cause drowsiness and is not intended for children.

However, students at Satz Middle School and Holmdel High School could buy it on campus. Several middle school students were sickened on Friday.


Rasta Monster exists, everyone!

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