Howard Stern Crowns Queen At Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant

by 10 years ago

After hyping it up for weeks, Howard Stern this morning crowned the hottest Tiger Woods mistress during an on-air beauty pageant. Noel Biderman, founder and CEO of, co-sponsored the event and participated as a judge, along with Robin Quivers, Fred Norris, and Stern. Unfortunately, only three of Tiger's supposed 12-plus mistresses were in attendance: Tool Academy contestant Jamie Grubbs, Las Vegas model Jamie Jungers, and 26-year-old model Loredana Jolie Ferriolo. The winner walked away with $75,000 dollars and a 3.5-caret black diamond mistress ring, made by the famed Philadelphia jeweler Steven Singer. Thanks to The Daily Stern, we've provided the pageant's results along with a recap of juicy confessions about Tiger's crazy sex habits. Check it out after the jump.


First Place: Jamie Jungers 

What she won:$75,000, the black diamond mistress ring, and a first place sash. 

Juicy Confessions:

  • Tiger called her “Jamie Juices.”
  • Tiger was the biggest pen*s she's ever had and the first black guy she's ever slept with.
  • He wanted anal from her. She denied.
  • She wanted a threesome with Tiger's wife, Elin Nordegren.
  • Her ex-fiancee told the media about her affair with Tiger.
  • Tiger denied helping her with money and financial issues.
  • She was with him when he got a call about his father passing away. 

Second Place: Jaimee Grubbs 

What she won: $15,000

Juicy Confessions:

  • She was with Tiger for 2.5 years but didn't know Tiger was married until after dating him for a year.
  • It took him three days before he kissed her.
  • Tiger never used a condom during sex.
  • Felt Tiger was jealous.
  • Said that Tiger's pen*s wasn't nine inches but more like seven inches and “more girth than length.”

Third Place: Loredana Jolie Ferriolo 

What she won:$5,000 and 50″ Plasma screen TV

Juicy Confessions:

  • She had an orgy with Tiger.
  • She claims she met Tiger through a matchmaking service that he paid $15,000 dollars for.
  • She's had sex with Bruce Willis and Michael Jordan, but claims Tiger “was the better lover.”
  • Claimed Tiger would invite girls from other countries.
  • Claimed Tiger liked to watch his friend have sex.
  • Claimed Tiger wanted her to toss his salad but she wouldn't.