If these two idiots get ‘Community’ cancelled I’m gonna be pissed

by 6 years ago

So Community was pulled back from the brink of death only to publicly commit suicide, is that what you’re saying? After the return of NBC’s funniest show to the airwaves, fans breathed a sigh of relief that the drama seemed to be over. But the drama was just beginning!


On the last day of filming Season 3, star Chevy Chase walked off the set in a huff. There are a few explanations as to why – some sources say he hadn’t received scripts, while others claim that he just thought the material wasn’t funny. It was a pretty cruddy way to wrap up a triumphant return to production, but it seemed like a minor issue.

Unfortunately, show creator Dan Harmon decided to pay Chevy back at the wrap party, giving a speech in front of Chase’s wife and daughters where he led the cast and crew in a “F— you, Chevy” chant. Chase and his family left immediately, and Chevy then proceeded to leave a profanity-laden voicemail on Harmon’s phone, calling the showrunner an “alcoholic fat s—” and telling him he’s going to die young because he’s fat and eats like crap.

Instead of the pair just hugging it out like bros, Harmon went on to play the voicemail for the crowd during one of his monthly comedy gigs. Some enterprising soul taped it, leaked it and a firestorm of horrible news began. With a show already on life support, why would the creators do anything to make things worse?

At press time, Harmon has issued an apology to Chase for playing the voicemail in public, but Chase has refused to apologize, telling reporters that it was the “right thing to do.” He also said “We’ve got comedy to make,” which gives me hope that he’ll come back to the show. And, hell, actors hate writers and producers all the time. It’s part of their job.

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