Ilfesnesh Hadera Is The One ‘Baywatch’ Star No One Is Talking About, But Really Should Be

In the lead-up to what is sure to be a blockbuster, because Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson can just WILL it to be if he wants, we’ve heard from and about pretty much every star in Baywatch.

The Rock? Check.

Alexandra Daddario? Check.

Zac Efron? Check.

Kelly Rohrbach? Checkaroo.

Priyanka Chopra? Yep, her too.

Am I leaving anyone out? Oh, right, I am.

How about The Rock’s love interest in the film? She seems like she might be kind of important, huh?

Well, her name is Ilfenesh Hadera and those of you who watch the show Billions already have a pretty good idea of who she is.

For the rest of you, however, here’s a quick primer from an interview Hadera did with The Red Bulletin

Dwayne Johnson has praised you for being “tougher than new rope”. Where does that strength come from?

My mother and grandmother are the most compassionate, wonderful, lovely women know, but they are fuckin’ tough. Like my grandmother—she raised three kids, right? And after all left for college, my grandmother just knew that like doubles tennis was not going to be the rest of her life. So my grandparents got a divorce, and she never remarried. She’s had a few relationships along the way, but she knew that a life of adventure was what she really wanted, right? So she spends six months of the year in France taking art classes. And she’s 84. She spends the other half of the year between Rhode Island and Vermont, taking woodworking courses. Just all kinds of wild stuff. And she’s active, self-sufficient, smart, adventurous and tough as nails. I guess she’s lived without a partner or a spouse really for like 35 years now. So she is self-sufficient.

My mom is the same way. She and my dad run an NGO [non-governmental organization] together, and it’s tough work, you know? And she does this while still remaining really compassionate and a person that people turn to for advice and for legal help and all kinds of stuff. She’s strong, because she’s got to be for her clients. And in their own personal lives—some wild things along the way that have happened, like in anybody’s life—and they just handle everything like in a cool way, you know? They’re unfazed. They realize life is short. You don’t stress about things. You just like kind of roll with it and go with it. They’ve just got this like peaceful thing about them.

Oh by the way, if you like her in Baywatch, you can also check her out on Spike Lee’s new 10-episode Netflix series She’s Gotta Have It. Girl is keeping very busy and with very good reason.

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