EXCLUSIVE: Watch A Fight Scene From ‘IP Man 3’, A Kung Fu Action Movie Starring Donnie Yen And Mike Tyson

If you’re not familiar with kung-fu movies, the IP Man franchise is one of the most iconic martial arts film franchises of all time. The movies are semi-biographical martial arts flicks about Yip Man, a grandmaster of Wing Chun and a master teacher to Bruce Lee.

The films star Donnie Yen (star of the upcoming Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon sequel and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) as Ip Man, along with Mike Tyson.

Ip Man 3 hits theaters in the United States on Monday. In the meantime, we’ve acquired an exclusive clip of Donnie Yen kicking serious ass in IP Man 3. Check it out above. For a look at the heavyweight champ himself, peep the trailer below.

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