You CANNOT Unsee Jason Statham Oiled-Up And Dancing In A Loincloth In This WEIRD 90s Music Video

Though you will REALLY wish you could.

Josh Kurp over at Uproxx unearthed a video that has changed my whole perception of life. Jason Statham was my hero. He’s The Stathe, goddammit. Beating people’s asses and dating supermodels. He’s a new generation’s Chuck Norris.

But now… now my world has been turned upside down thanks to this music video by Shamen for their 90s single “Comin’ On.”

I just… WHAT?!

Oh God. Jason Statham also did some weird shit in an Erasure video in the 1990s too?!

jason statham erasure video

YouTube - ErasureVEVO

I think I might need therapy now to combat all this nightmare fuel.

Another hero destroyed. Thanks a lot, Internet.