Jerry Seinfeld Won An Advertising Award, Then Shit On The Advertising Industry In His Acceptance Speech



Jerry Seinfeld received a Clio Award this weekend. If you’re not familiar with Clio Awards, SHAME ON YOU, because they’re only like the hottest prize in the advertising industry. Maybe. I honestly don’t know, I just heard about them as well, thanks to this video.

Speaking of this video, Jerry’s acceptance speech must be part of his new web series, Comedians On Stage Shitting Into The Hand That Feeds Them. Then again, he’s a comedian and that gives you carte blanche to shit on everything, even the people who just handed you an award. But Seinfeld is so anti-advertising, he should stop being in commercials and just produce his web series without the help of Acura. He’s certainly got enough money to do it.

[H/T Big Lead

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