Jimmy Fallon Makes Dwayne Johnson Explain What He Kept In His Fanny Pack In This Awesome 90s Throwback Photo

by 4 years ago


It’s impossible to get tired of looking at this photo of Dwayne Johnson from 1996. Almost as impossible as it is for me to stop looking at Sylvester Stallone’s finest photographic moment.

Shit. It’s a dead heat between those two terribly awesome outfits. Gun to my head, I couldn’t pick which of those two guys looked better.

Anyway, Dwayne Johnson was on The Tonight Show last night doing that press thang for Hercules and Jimmy Fallon couldn’t bring himself to give a shit about the movie until he got some answers about the photo above. I don’t blame him. There are few things in this world more interesting than that photo and Hercules probably isn’t one of them.

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