Jimmy Kimmel Addresses His Critics In Emotional Clip About His Newborn Son And Health Care

by 10 months ago

Jimmy Kimmel returned to his show last night and addressed his critics head-on. Last week, Jimmy had a monologue go viral and pick up tens of millions of views. In the original clip, Jimmy made the case that if your newborn baby needs a lifesaving surgery, and doctors are capable of performing that surgery, it shouldn’t matter whether or not you’re rich and famous in order to get that done. Every parent should be able to get life-saving health care for their babies, that was Jimmy’s stance.

Many critics accused Jimmy of diving into the deep end of partisan politics. Some people asked him to apologize, an act I think every rational human knew wasn’t going to happen. So, when Jimmy returned to the airwaves last night he kicked off the show with a monolog dedicated to his critics, and it went exactly as I’d expected it to.

If you’re wondering about Jimmy’s newborn son Billy, he’s doing very well after the life-saving heart surgery for a congenital heart disease. Coincidentally, Olympic gold medalist Shaun White was born with that same disease and recently spoke about it with Jimmy Kimmel.

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