Jimmy Kimmel Asks People on Street if They Felt Nonexistent Earthquake—And Their Lies Are Amazing

by 6 years ago

This new one features more involved lying from the interviewees than their predecessors—as well as acting worthy of the Hollywood surroundings. So convinced are these guys that they felt a non-existent earthquake, they tell the camera they fell out of the bed when the tremors hit, hid under their desks, or even saw the road move in waves (something that is exceedingly rare for the large majority of quakes).

The lesson as always: Put anyone on TV, and they become terrible, terrible people. This seems to apply for everyone. Does this mean that we can't blame people like the Kardashians' for their all-consuming shittiness? That they're just sucked in by the siren call of the tube?

Nah. Fuck 'em.

H/T: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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