This Year’s Belly Flop Competition On ‘Kimmel’ Was Judged By Amber Rose And Ryan Lochte, Looked Painful

by 2 years ago

Last night, the 11th Annual Belly Flop Competition took place on Jimmy Kimmel Live. This year’s competition was judged by Daymond John from Shark Tank, Amber Rose, and Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte.

For this year’s belly flop competition, Jimmy Kimmel and crew pulled random strangers off the street and put them in bathing suits. They then had those bewildered pedestrians belly flop into one of those above-ground plastic pools and they were ranked on a score of 1-to-10.

This year’s winner, Richard Pedregon, won three hotdogs for his perfect score of 30 from the judges along with a pretty comical trophy and a great story to bring back home to the family. I happen to think that Brittany got robbed because she definitely looked the best flopping. It’s not always about the water displacement, sometimes you need to consider form equally.

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