Comedian Joe Mande Promises To Host A Podcast If We Give Him A Million Dollars

by 5 years ago


There are a lot of comedy podcasts going around these days. If you’re a comedian and you don’t have a podcast, you might as well just kill yourself; you’re clearly irrelevant.

But with so many floating around out there in internet, what would it take for another comedian to enter the already super saturated market? For comedian and Parks and Rec writer, Joe Mande, it will take only 1 MILLION DOLLARS.

Yup, Mande created a Kickstarter on July 16th, and asserted that if he is able to raise the one million by August 15th, he will satisfy his millions of fans by creating a podcast… about something.

I know some of you are probably like “what’s in it for me?” because you’re a selfish asshole who can’t just appreciate the beauty of art. Well, Joe has created a bunch of incentives to encourage you to donate. If you donate $1,000 or more, “I’ll mention your name on the podcast or something who cares.” If you donate the full million dollars, “you can be the very first guest on the Million Dollar Podcast for all I care (For some reason Kickstarter won’t let me set a reward for more than $10,000, so just be aware this reward is only valid if you donate the full $1,000,000 amount).”

I applaud Joe for giving back to his fans like this. As of now, he’s raised $20,121.00, which means we are merely $979,879.00 away from getting to hear Joe talk into a microphone in his bedroom. C’mon, guys, we only have seven days left to make this happen! Dip into that college fund if you have to; we can’t let an opportunity like this slip through our fingers.