John Mayer Tests Friendships At Dive Bar By Stealing Seats People Are Saving For Their Friends

by 2 years ago

There was a time in history when John Mayer was a detestable douche bag, but those days are long gone. John Mayer’s image rehabilitation has been one for the ages. He spent the first half of Summer touring with the Dead & Company, which is comprised of most of the living members of the Grateful Dead. Mayer plays and sings the Jerry Garcia parts of music, and the entire Dead community has embraced John Mayer with open arms. Right now, it’s safe to say that it is John Mayer’s world and we’re just living in it because he’s printing cash faster than he can spend it, and he’s making new friends left and right.

In a stunt with Bud Light, John Mayer walked into a dive bar and tried to steal two seats that people were saving for their friends as part of John Mayer’s ‘friendship test’. The guy didn’t even make it to the John Mayer portion of the exam after letting some hot Southern Belle jack the seat. On the other hand, the ridiculously thirsty girl was eager to pull up another chair for John Mayer and have him join the crowd.

Pro-tip ladies: if you ever meet someone at a bar and already know tiny details about their life it’s not advisable to open up with ‘I know where you are from’. This chick jumped straight into ‘you’re from Connecticut’ as if that isn’t some stalker-level shit. I was shocked John was able to play that off like it wasn’t the creepiest thing he heard that week.

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