Kanye West Compared Being Photographed to Rape, Fox News’ Stacey Dash Thinks He Needs to Experience Prison Rape

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Here’s a blisteringly hot take to start your day… Kanye West was recently bein’ Kanye West by going off on a long rant. During said rant, Kanye likened being photographed by the paparazzi to being raped. Why? And how? Well, you see, it’s like rape because he doesn’t want them to take his picture. Using that logic, anytime something happens to you that you don’t want to happen to you, it must be rape. Uhhhhhhhhhhh…….

That explanation still doesn’t make sense because none of that is RAPE, you say? That’s fair. You’re right. So let’s just let Mr. West explain.

“Everybody out here likes sex, right? Sex is great with you and your partner. But if one of the people don’t want to do that, what is that called? That’s called rape. That’s called violation.”

Yep. Being photographed by a stranger in public is STILL NOT RAPE. Never rape. Can’t be any less rapey.

To get Kanye West to understand that, Fox News’ Stacey Dash got on live TV and made a few rapey comments herself.

[H/T Mediaite]

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