‘Key & Peele’ Show How Full Of Shit ‘Scared Straight’ Motivational Speakers Truly Are

by 4 years ago


Back in high school my principal hired some schmuck to come in and talk to us. In one breath he claimed to be a D-1 Football player, Brad Pitt’s college roommate, and a recovering crack head. This guy was full of shit.

From that day forth I’ve taken solace in knowing 99.9% of the crap motivational speakers spout off is made up bullshit. Once you accept this anytime you’re forced to encounter one becomes a not-so-terrible experience because you can sit back and laugh at the asshat lying to a room full of people.

Key & Peele‘s ‘Consequences’ takes on this phenomenon of a lying motivational speaker with the aplomb we can only expect from the funniest duo on Comedy Central:


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