Kim Kardashian Is So Fucking Vain She Cropped Her Own Baby Daughter Out Of A Selfie

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kim kardashian cropped north selfie

Kim Kardashian, Instagram

Kim Kardashian may have a book of selfies coming out, 352 pages, on sale April 15, 2015, but there’s no chance her daughter North will be in any of those pictures because screw the kid, Kim’s gotta be the goddamn center of attention, people! Of course the book is going to be called Kim Kardashian Selfish sooo, yeah.

kim kardashian selfie north cropped

Kim Kardashian, Instagram

In case you can’t read some of the comments up there, they include things like…

“Your so rude, I knew you were selfish, you ungrateful spoilt rat.”
“Cropping out your daughter hahaha.”
“What kind of parent crops their own child out of a photo?”
“You cropped out your own child omfg.”

And of course, the defenders…

“Maybe north was makin a weird face! U guys r assholes.”

Yeah! Maybe North was makin’ a weird face, you guise! Plus that brick wall… so much better than having some kid gunking up a sweetass selfie.


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