Professional ‘FIFA’ Gamer Makes Millions, Lives In A Penthouse, And Owns A Lamborghini

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If you’re remotely interested in video games, I highly recommend you check out VICE’s new web series on the rise of eSports around the world. Part III of the video series is a huge profile of KSI, a British lad who makes millions of dollars a year from his YouTube vlog about playing FIFA. In the immortal words of Jay-Z, KSI is business, man, complete with his own apparel line and cash galore from the YouTube advertising partner program. He drives a Lambo and lives in a massive penthouse in London where he’s planning on having a helicopter airdrop a hot tub onto the roof. He’s  also animated and eccentric as hell. Dude is the fucking man.

You gotta watch the profile VICE shot with him. Like Nadeshot and other gamer Bros who are making $$$$$$ via YouTube and social media, KSI’s life is an fabulous one.

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