A Woman Puked All Over Lady Gaga During SXSW Set


Professional provocateur Lady Gaga incorporated some puking into her set at SXSW last night because she’s very artistic and you don’t understand art.

The singer invited professional vomit painter Millie Brown to come onstage and blow chunks all over the place. This seems very much like something R. Kelly would be interested in doing. He must have been unavailable for the job.

It’s totally not gross because the paint is neon green and not bile brown.

Watching this, it’s becoming even more clear that I went into the wrong line of work. Ostensibly, Brown was paid to throw up on one of the world’s biggest stars. What a job.

It also brings up the obvious question of who you’d really like to puke on, if given the chance. Sounds like a pretty compelling Ask a Bro item.

[H/T: Fox News]