The Hookers Who Had A Threesome With Lamar Odom Are Back To Work And Have A Special Message

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We’re all about gainful employment here at BroBible. So we’re happy to hear that the two hookers who partied with Lamar Odom during his Nevada bender back in October are back to work at the Bunny Ranch. TMZ is reporting that Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe are both on the job following a big investigation by Dennis Hof. There are “already more than 20 clients asking to ‘party’ with Lamar’s chicks,” according to TMZ, so get in line, Bros.

I guess if you’re a John, paying to have a threesome with the same chicks that Lamar Odom banged before going into a coma is as good of a John story as it gets.

They also left him a message on Twitter. Awwwww. It’s nice to see such a warm greeting this holiday season. Wonder if they’ll include Khole’s name on their Christmas card?



Savage. Welcome back Ryder and Monica.

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