Disturbing Leaked Marilyn Manson Video Depicts Lana Del Ray Getting ‘Raped’

lana del ray rape scene

YouTube - MichaelDelRay

Marilyn Manson has done a lot of shocking things over the years but this previously unreleased video which was just leaked online overnight depicting Lana Del Rey in a frightening rape scene may have finally crossed the line.

The video, shot for the single “Pretty When You Cry” from Del Ray’s album Ultraviolence shows Lana bleeding and being sexually assaulted after being forced onto a bed by her assailant in a harrowing scene.

Eli Roth, who created the video, had told Larry King in an earlier interview when discussing the unreleased scene, “The footage is so sick, it’s been locked in a vault for over a year, but Manson is a friend.”

There are two videos floating around online of the scene in question, the first with no music, just the scenes, and the second as actually part of the music video.

Here’s the first disturbing video…

And here’s the music video version…

H/T Mirror, Spin