Leaked Video From Set Of Han Solo Movie Show Woody Harrelson And Chewbacca

by 2 years ago

We don’t know much about the Han Solo movie except that they fired both directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller for “creative differences” right in the middle of production and then replaced them with Ron Howard. We don’t even know what the title of the “Star Wars” spinoff will be. But we did get our first glimpse of the sci-fi film will look like thanks to this leaked video.

Photos and video give us the first look at actor Alden Ehrenreich as a young Han Solo. We also get to see Woody Harrelson as Solo’s mentor Beckett. We even get to see young Chewbacca. There’s a mysterious woman dressed in white robes with the trio. Could it be Emilia Clarke?

Where are the smugglers? Possibly a futuristic museum or the home of a wealthy collector who hires Beckett and Han Solo to smuggle in artifacts? Emilia Clarke is dressed in fancy white robes, possibly meaning she is someone of great wealth, and could be introducing Han and Beckett to the wealthy collector. The Han Solo spinoff is expected to be released in May 2018.


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