Leonardo DiCaprio Has Officially Joined Instagram; Let The ‘Pussy Posse’ Party Pics Begin!

by 6 years ago
leo dicaprio instagram


FINALLY, one of our HEROES, Leonardo DiCaprio has joined Instagram. Now we’ll get to see just how the life of one of the most legendary bachelors in the history of mankind lives, right?! Rap videos and babes galore!

Hold up a second. What are these? These aren’t pictures of scantily-clad models dripping wet in a hot tub?

It’s a very nattily-attired homeless man shaking hands with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. What’s that? That’s Leonardo DiCaprio? The hell?

Oh well, let’s check out his second ever Instagram photo. That’ll surely have some sexy babe in a bikini or something, right?

Uh, it’s captioned, “This seems like the perfect setting to join Instagram and share this view from the UN General Assembly.” Wut?

Dammit… wait he posted one more today. Fingers crossed…

Wow, Leo really is taking the whole Messenger of Peace thing seriously, isn’t he?

Sigh… at least he tagged Mark Ruffalo in that one. Maybe he has some sexy pics we can look at.

Leonardo DiCaprio image by Jaguar PS/Shutterstock

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