Lil Dicky’s ‘Pillow Talk’ Trojan Condom PSAs About Safe Sex Are Hilarious

by 11 months ago

Last year rapper extraordinaire Lil Dicky linked up with Trojan BareSkin Condoms for a hilarious PSA about wrappin’ it up. Hot on the heels of his new video “Pillow Talk”, Dicky is back repping the condom company with a series of PSAs.

I hopped on the phone yesterday to chat with Dicky about his partnership with Trojan condoms. He says that Trojan’s messaging about safe sex aligns with his values as a “overly-cautious sexual person.” Listen to our conversation below.

“As a human being, there’s probably no more overly-cautious sexual person ever than me,” Dicky tells BroBible on the phone. “It’s not something I necessarily take pride in, but being sexually cautious is who I am.  I believe very strongly in what Trojan does, just on a personal level. If I didn’t have condoms, I’d be a paranoid mess.”

“Two, I’m always looking to help society in anyway. Safe sex messaging is a positive way to influence society,” Dicky adds. “And Three — People tend to be uncomfortable when it comes to talking about safe sex. There’s a lot of human in the uncomfortablity of it. I think humor helps break the barrier of it being awkward and allows people to have conversions more easily. I think that’s why it’s such a good fit. If it was Leonardo DiCapro or some serious guy talking about condoms, it wouldn’t be as effective as someone doing it with humor.”

“I think BroBible readers are pretty big sports people. And a lot of sports conversations are centered around specifics and numbers. If any group of people can understand the importance of numbers, it’s probably BroBible readers. When it comes to STDs, the numbers are on the rise. The stats are alarming. Your readers should be aware of the stats.”

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