Watch Lil Wayne Drop STACKS ON STACKS For One Lucky Stripper After The Grammys

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You know you’ve solidified yourself at the top of the celebrity food chain when you’re getting paid to make appearances at strip clubs. And not just a ‘free drink, free lap dance’ type deal, a $60,000 straight cash homie hookup for just existing in a particular place for a very reasonable amount of time.

This, my friend, is the life of Lil Wayne. According to TMZ, the dude was paid over the average American’s yearly salary to make an appearance at Ace of Diamonds strip club in Los Angeles after the Grammys on Monday night.

But instead of investing it in his 401k, he decided to pay it forward to a stripper named NoForeign, who he took a particular liking to. Wayne threw two bricks of cash worth $12,000 onstage for NoForeign, who he had posted a picture of on social media just a few weeks ago.

Noforeign, hi I'm noceiling. #CrazyGirls

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If paying $60,000 for a celebrity appearance seems unfathomable to you from a business standpoint, remember that TMZ likely coughed up dough for the above footage. And it has been reported that TMZ shelled out $100,000 for the Ray Rice domestic violence video, so there is money in obtaining exclusive footage. Plus, it seems like Wayne paid most of it back in tips so everyone wins!

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