Lil Yachty Rapping About 59 ‘Simpsons’ Characters In Three Minutes Is The Best Way To Start Your Friday

by 2 years ago

Lil Yachty is rap’s 19-year-old, $13 million dollar man. Last night he swung by The Tonight Show to rattle off 59 different characters from The Simpsons in three-minute rap. Serving up “steamed hams for dinner” and “spitting up more lines than Maggie’s talked,” Yachty listed all the favorites in his cypher: Smithers, Willie, Moe, Milhouse, Flanders, Maude, Otto, Burns, Sideshow Bob, Troy McClure, Radioactive Man. Even my all time favorite Simpsons character got a mention — Disco Stu, who was “talkin to you!

I’ll give Yachty a pass for skipping Bleeding Gums Murphy. He gets rap game props for life for working  Apu’s full last name –Nahasapeemapetilon — into a verse. That couldn’t have been easy to wordsmith.

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