Lindsay Lohan Sliced The Tip Of Her Finger Off While Pulling Up The Anchor On A Boat In Turkey (PICS)

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Lindsay Lohan had a rough weekend. While chilling on a boat in Turkey, presumably in the Bosphorous Sea, Lindsay went to pull up the anchor on the boat and her finger became entangled in the chain. This is when Lindsay Lohan lost the tip of her finger in a blood, bloody mess that required surgery to put her back together.

We’ve got some Instagram/Snapchat images of the aftermath, and that YouTube video below shows her bloody hand that’s been separated from its finger. So if you’re ready to see that then by all means click play, I just want you to know that it’s rather gruesome.

Lindsay Lohan finger injury Turkey

Snapchat / Lindsay Lohan

TMZ is reporting that this incident all went down yesterday (Sunday) in Turkey. She sliced the tip of her finger off, managed to recover that part of her finger after untangling herself from the boat’s anchor chain, and then she was rushed to the E.R. where a plastic surgeon reattached the missing piece of her hand. Sounds like a nice, leisurely vacation in Turkey…right?

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