Member Of All-Girl Group Little Mix Accidentally Lets Her Awkward Anal Sex Story Slip During Live Interview

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During a Facebook Live stream with website Refinery29, the all-girl pop group Little Mix were asked what’s something they’d never do again. Without realizing the gravity of the situation, one of the members blurted out their awkward anal sex story. The clip itself is actually a little faint and it moved fast, so I found a version of the video that’s been slowed down and is slightly easier for you to hear what’s happening. You still need to turn up your volume though.

When asked what’s one thing they’d never do again you first hear something along the lines of ‘I can think of something but it’s too explicit’, and then another girl concurs she knows what the other is talking about (butt stuff, they’re talking about anal). After that is when the microphone picks up Leigh-Anne Pinnock whispering ‘anal’ in the other woman’s ear, thus revealing the one thing she’d never do again, and blissfully unaware that the microphones picked up everything she said.

Over at The Lad Bible they remark ‘Just when you thought you couldn’t love these girls any more.’, and now I feel the need to be honest with you bros, I barely know who the fuck Little Mix even is, and I’m not sure I could recognize a single song they’ve ever put on the radio. Their YouTube channel has 1.6 billion views, they’ve got over 8 million followers on Twitter, and almost 6 million followers on Instagram. Clearly, these girls are a big deal, to some people.

Maybe it’s because I listen to Sirius XM in the car and not the stations they’d ever be played on. Or perhaps I’m just not their target audience at all, but I really don’t know what their deal is, I’m just passing along the butt sex story for you bros who do know who they are and care.

(h/t Refinery29)

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