Madden 18 Reveals ‘Longshot’ Story Mode That Is A ‘Playable Movie’ (VIDEO)

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Madden 18 is going Hollywood with their new “Longshot” story mode. Electronic Arts hired Academy Award-winning actor Mahershala Ali to voice Devin Wade, who dreams of playing in the NFL, and who’s destiny you control in the new story mode in Madden 18.

On Saturday, EA revealed the new Longshot story mode for Madden 18 at E3 2017. While other sports game franchises have had their own story modes such as NBA 2K’s MyCareer, MLB The Show’s Road to the Show, and FIFA 17’s, this is the first story mode in Madden’s 29-year history.

Usually, in those story modes you control a top-notch prospect that every team is drooling over and who will eventually be an all-star or even a future Hall of Famer. However, in Longshot, Devin isn’t a college football phenom, but rather he’s been out of football for years. He’s even thought of giving up on his one true dream of becoming an NFL quarterback and actually get a “real job.”

The Longshot mode is promising “movie-quality” writing, acting, visuals, and production values. “Our philosophy [with Longshot] was a playable movie, versus, like, a career mode with cutscenes,” said Mike Young, who is the creative director on Madden 18 and co-lead writer of Longshot. Dan Marino plays himself in the story mode and serves as a mentor to Devin. It took four years for EA to develop their cinematic story mode.

In an interesting new feature coming to Madden 18, you can take your best cornerback and match him up against your opponent’s best receiver.

Madden NFL 18 smashes onto your gaming console on August 25.


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