Madonna Pulled An Underage Fan On Stage During Last Night’s Concert, Then She Popped Dat Fan’s Tiddy Out

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At her concert last night in Brisbane, Australia the 57-year-old Madonna pulled a 17-year-old fan up on stage. Madonna then proceeded to expose that 17-year-old fan’s left breast (on accident), for the entire world to see, as this video’s gone ridiculously viral over night.

Madonna was VERY QUICK to realize what she’d done, and how she’d goofed up. She responded with “Oh shit! I am so sorry. Sexual harassment. You can do the same to me, good luck.” as the 17-year-old girl seemed to take it in stride and brushed off the incident like it was no biggie. Since everything these days is caught on camera there’s video of the entire incident for you bros to see (censored, because the girl is under age):

Nobody on that stage seemed to be phased by the fact that Madonna just exposed the breast of a 17-year-old girl, this is just sooooo wrong. What’s going on over there in Australia these days, are they just not affected by underage nudity? Is 17 not considered underage in Australia? How was this not a criminal offense by my old next door neighbor Madonna?

Yes, me and Madonna used to be next door neighbors (even if she doesn’t know this). About five years ago I was living on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, we had a seven bedroom townhouse on 80th and Lexington. There were six of us living in there, splitting rent to make it affordable, we referred to the house as ‘The Fratirement Home’ because it was basically an extension of college.

While living there Madonna moved into the house that shared a fence with our backyard, so we’d be out back grilling and raging during the Summer while Madonna and her family were living in the badass townhouse just on the other side of the fence…Good times. For those of you bros that are familiar with NYC here’s where our place was and here’s where Madonna lives:


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