‘Making A Murderer’ Lawyers Dean Strang And Ken Kratz Debated The Case On FOX News Last Night

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Last night, Megyn Kelly interviewed Making A Murderer lawyers Dean Strang and Ken Kratz about the supposedly damning evidence against Steven Avery that was left on the cutting room floor and never made it into the documentary. As you probably recall, Dean Strang was the sane and always logical defense attorney for Steven Avery (and the 5th most attractive person in the show), the kind of guy you would look at and say, “Boy, I love my dad, but if he wasn’t my dad, I’d want this fuckin’ guy.” Meanwhile, Ken Kratz was the lawyer for the prosecution. I have nothing else to say about him. Other than…ME NO LIKEY.

As you watch the video above, you get the sense that one of these guys is either lying about the evidence or is completely delusional. I’m going to go out on a limb and say Kratz is grasping at straws in an effort to try and repair the damage that Making a Murderer has done to his reputation. For years his little sexting issue wasn’t national news, but now millions of people know he’s a creepball lawyer who lives in a $350,000 house (probably can get a mansion for that in Wisconsin) and likes to sext with jurors. Slinging mud at how the documentary represented the prosecution seems like a small damage control effort and nothing else. If he was truly interested in only the case, he wouldn’t have needed to bring it up and talk about it in this interview. It’s completely irrelevant to Steven Avery’s innocence or guilt.

See for yourself.

I’m not just saying I think Kratz is throwing shit at a wall because I personally wrote 1,700 words about the evidence pointing to Avery being framed, I’m saying it because for every single argument Kratz made in this interview, Strang made a more compelling argument in the opposite direction.

Dean Strang for President.

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