Here Are 11 ‘Making A Murderer’ Case Points That Suggest Steven Avery Was Framed For Murder

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Like many of you, the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer had me riveted. My wife and I started watching it late in the afternoon on New Year’s Day and by sundown on January 2nd we had blown through all 10 episodes. Also, like many of you, when it ended I wanted answers. I was DYING for answers. Both about the case and about things like…say… why are there only two attractive people in this entire town? And does anyone in the Dassey family know what the word “inconsistent” means?

[Scalding Hot Side Note: Brendan Dassey’s oft-questioned intelligence was admittedly one of the saddest parts of watching Making a Murderer. Between not knowing what the word “inconsistent” meant to actually calling himself stupid to his mother on numerous occasions, any part of the series that included Brendan was hard for me to watch. I actually began to feel bad about not being dumber than a bag of shit. I felt real, human emotions about that, because I bleed too, you guys. I bleed too…]

However you feel about Steven Avery’s final verdict, you would have to be Dassey-level dumb to not realize there was definitely some kind of foul play going on with the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department. Not to mention all of the other questionable behavior, evidence, and case leads that almost seemed to be completely ignored.

Now, of course I have no idea if Steven Avery actually committed murder, but these are the ten most compelling reasons why you could assume that he might not be guilty.

11. A man who is potentially about to win a $36 million verdict does not commit murder. If you want to make the case for why Avery is the victim of a massive frame-job, Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department had 36 million reasons to pin this murder on him. I’m not saying they murdered Teresa Halbach, but Avery’s bogus rape conviction from 18 years earlier was an obvious black eye for the department and they may have seen her murder as the perfect opportunity to bring down Avery once and for all.

I’ll admit, this one is more opinion than fact, but $36 MILLION! Thirty. Six. Million. You can pull boyband ass with that kind of money. No way you’re dipping your toe into the murdering pool with that financial windfall on the horizon.

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