Group Of Bros Wears Male Rompers To Lake Tahoe Bachelor Party, Makes RIDICULOUS Music Video For The Bride

The Internet has a love-hate relationship with the male romper, but this is probably my favorite use of the trend to date. A group of dudes threw on their male rompers that they ordered at the beginning of the summer for a bachelor party at Lake Tahoe. As a “gift” to the bride, they made a Lonely Island-style “I’m On A Boat!” music video. It’s the most absurd thing I’ve watched in months:

My amazing best friends brought male rompers for my bachelor party, and as we were having the time of our lives in Lake Tahoe, I decided to create something extra special to show my beautiful soon to be wife how much I love her….

9 dudes, male Rompers, a boat, and just a few days later this gem was created! Not even my friends could believe it when I surprised them and my bride to be with this video at our rehearsal dinner. Many laughs and happy tears later here is the music video for everyone also to enjoy.

And the reminder for me here is there is nothing more rewarding than doing something special for the person you love! I love you so much my sweet Michelle…. You were “made for me!”

14/10 work, boys. Michelle, your husband-to-be has a hell of a crew to go along with this.

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