Margot Robbie Is Looking Sexy As Hell Starring Alongside Will Smith In ‘Focus’, A New Movie About Con Artists



My first thought was “you made this piece of shit instead of Bad Boys 3, Will Smith? Fuck you!” Then I calmed down and realized Margot Robbie was his co-star and…she’ll do. She’s no Martin Lawrence asking neighbors to borrow cups of brown sugar, but she’ll do.

From the trailer, Focus looks somewhat decent. Will Smith plays a lifetime con artist who takes an unpolished girl (Robbie) under his wing to teach her the trade. Then he does the obvious thing: he falls in love with her. WHAT AN IDIOT! This obviously causes a series of perils events to occur, bad guys tie him up and punch his pretty face, but in the end everyone is better off for having had the experience (guessing).

Maybe Focus is not as cookie-cutter as the trailer leads on, but from the little we’ve seen here, expectations for this aren’t exactly at an all-time high.