Meghan Trainor Totally Ate Shit While Performing On ‘The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’

by 3 years ago

Down goes Trainor (around the 3:40 mark)!!!

Girl looked like she broke both of her ankles Thursday night, performing her new single ‘Me Too’ on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. Closing out what I can only assume was a monumental performance, because I didn’t actually listen to it at all, the pop star went to swivel back to the mic stand, only to have both feet come out from under her as she crashed down to the floor.

meghan trainor wipeout

That’s what you get for being too jazzed up, Meghan Trainor!

Luckily, Jimmy Fallon is a bomb talkshow host and quickly came to her aid, by lying down next to the singer on the floor to conclude the segment.

fallon trainor

Class act, that Jimmy Fallon. Good to see they had a laugh about it too.

[h/t E! Online]

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