Mila Kunis, Anne Hathaway, Dakota Johnson, And More Actresses Discuss What It’s Really Like To Film A Sex Scene

I’ve never worked on a film set and thus I’ve never been there when the actors whipped out their naughty bits and dingalings for some bumping and grinding. Likewise, I’ve never really put much thought into how goddamn awkward it is to simulate sex with another individual whilst a hundred workers stand around watching you. I think I’ve got a newfound respect for these actresses willing to bare it all for the $$$$$ of Hollywood…actually, fuck that, I don’t have any newfound respect. They’re getting paid millions of dollars to simulate sex on camera. If someone were to offer me $1M to fake sex on camera I’d transform into equal parts Brad Pitt and Ron Jeremy.

In a recent set of interviews from W Magazine a bunch of actresses (and actors) talked about how incredibly awkward it can be to film a sex scene, and below I’ve included the responses from some of Hollywood’s most notable actresses (via Independent):

Dakota Johnson
“Filming a sex scene is not a sensual or pleasurable environment. It’s really hot – not in a steamy, sexual way. It’s just sweaty and not very comfortable. On top of that, my hands and legs were tied, I was blindfolded and I was being hit with this bizarre tool [in Fifty Shades of Grey]. It was emotionally taxing.”


Mila Kunis
“It’s hard to have a sex scene, period. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend, a male, a female. You’re with 100-something crew members, lighting you, repositioning you. There’s no comfort whatsoever.”


Natalie Dormer
“Anyone who says they’re laid back about sex scenes is a fibber. It never gets any less…not traumatic, that’s the wrong word…not embarrassing…it can be a bit awkward.”


Anne Hathaway
“There is that revoltingly embarrassing moment when you have to take your clothes off in front of strangers. But as with all things in life, the second you stop making it about you and you make it about everyone else, it just gets, dare I say, fun.”


Samuel L Jackson
“You ask before you start, ‘Where can I touch you? Where shouldn’t I touch you?’ Then you apologise for both reasons. ‘I’m sorry if I get excited’ and ‘I’m sorry if I don’t’. Because sometimes it just ain’t happening!”


Lena Dunham
“I stopped wearing the nude patch after the first season of Girls. There’s not one guy who works on that show who hasn’t seen the inside of my vagina. You glue it over your vagina. It gets sweaty and always falls off. My male co-stars, at the end of the day, don’t care.”


Kate Winslet
“You can literally be tangled in sheets and you turn to the other actor and say, ‘What the f**k are we doing?’ Dear Mum, at work today I had so-and-so’s left nut sack pressed against my cheek. It’s sort of unethical if you think about it in those terms.”


So what I’m noticing here is that for almost all of them there’s acknowledgment of a total loss of privacy, and how miserable that is. For others, Like Anne Hathaway, it seems like she’s kind of kinky with this stuff. It seems like her use of fun is a bit voyeuristic in ways, which isn’t exactly something I’d expect from porcelain princess doll Anne Hathaway, and I kind of dig that about her.

As I said before, the fact that millions of dollars are exchanging hands for ‘acting’ in these situations is really all you need to know about the human condition. For the most part, NONE of these actresses ***really*** enjoy filming these but when you’re getting paid millions of dollars to get naked in front of strangers for like 45 minutes at a time it’s pretty fucking easy to forget about how awkward everything is.

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