Here’s A List Of The 15 Most Racist Video Games Ever And Some Of These CAN’T Be Real…Can They?

From unintentional racist Easter eggs in otherwise kid friendly games to games that unabashedly hate anyone that isn’t white, Danger Dolan gaming counts down the 15 most racist video games of all time.

Now we’re not saying DON’T watch but if you don’t have the time to sit through the entertaining, yet slightly long video, here’s the quick and dirty list of offenders.

15. Resident Evil
14. Scribblenauts
13. Pokemon
12. Call of Juarez: The Cartel
11. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out
10. Revelations: Persona
9. Kung Fu Chaos
8. Homie Rollers
7. Spanish For Everyone
6. Bonetown
5. Freaky Flyers
4. Custer’s Revenge
3. Playing History 2: Slave Trade
2. Ethnic Cleansing

and the winner for the most racist game is…