Netflix Streaming Is Losing A Bunch Of Classics In October, And Gaining Jack Squat



It just dawned on me why Netflix is constantly cycling movies in and out of their streaming service. Sure, they want to keep people on the hook for that sweet, sweet DVD money, but I think the main motivator has to be press. They are making us suffer because they want sites to write about them every month. And that is fucking brilliant.

Netflix could definitely have all of these movies streaming all the time; we live in an age where space on their servers (or wherever the fuck they keep them) isn’t an issue. But that would cause Netflix to be a service that no one ever paid attention to; we’d use it, but it would be a complete afterthought as a brand — like Kleenex — if they didn’t operate this way. So good on you, Netflix. Even though you always take great movies or shows away and replace them with utter shit.

Coming to Netflix in October

A Long Way Down 
Annie (1984)
Annie: A Royal Adventure
Arrow: Season 2 
Bad Johnson 
Before I Go to Sleep
Breathe In
Bound by Flesh
Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle
Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me 
Chicken Run
Cowgirls n’Angels 
Django Unchained
Domestic Disturbance
Ernest Saves Christmas 
Finding Forrester 
Freakshow: Season 2
Galaxy Quest
Gilmore Girls: The Complete Series 
Hart of Dixie: Season 3
Hostages: Season 1
In a World…
Jay Mohr: Funny For a Girl
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
Kramer vs. Kramer
Last Man Standing: Season 3
Liberal Arts
Little Man
My Father the Hero 
Paths of Glory
Please Subscribe: A Documentary About YouTubers
Rain Man
Raising Hope: Season 4
Reign: Season 1
Rescue Dawn
Romeo + Juliet (1996)
Shadow of the Vampire 
Sleepless in Seattle
Sons of Anarchy: Season 6
Supernatural: Season 9
The Phantom of the Opera
Team America: World Police
The 100: Season 1
The Boxcar Children
The Carrie Diaries: Season 2
The Following: Season 2
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
The Originals: Season 1
The Tomorrow People: Season 1
The Wedding Planner
The Vampire Diaries: Season 5
Three Fugitives
Tim Minchin And The Heritage Orchestra Live
Under the Electric Sky: EDC 2013
Why Stop Now
Witching & Bitching 
Wyatt Cenac: Brooklyn

Leaving Netflix (according to Decider)

28 Days
A League of Their Own
Akeelah and the Bee
Barefoot in the Park
Battlestar Galactica
Beyond Borders
Blue Chips
Body of Evidence
Blood and Wine
Bram Stoker’s Dracula 
Breaking Away
Center Stage
China Girl
Code Monkeys
Crimson Tide
Dead Man Walking
Death Wish
Don’t Look Now
East of Eden
Eight Men Out
Fatal Attraction
Ghostbusters 2
Girl in Progress
Golden Chicken
Heavy Metal
Hunger Games
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
King Of New York
Law & Order (ALL OF IT!)
Law & Order SVU (ALL OF IT!)
Legends of the Fall
Little Birds
Major League
Mean Girls
Meet Wall Sparks
Patriot Games
Primal Fear
Snow White: A Tale of Terror 
Sugar Hill
The African Queen
The Cape 
The Dark Half 
The Delta Force
The Ghastly Love of Johnny
The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant
The Keep
The Sand Pebbles 
The Skeleton Key 
This Must Be the Place 
The Thomas Crowne Affair 
Two Family House 
Uncommon Valor

[Image via ShutterStock, H/T Gothamist]