New Deleted Scene From ‘True Detective’ Has One of the Most Rust Cohle Moments Ever

by 4 years ago


Still not ready to let go of True Detective yet? Yeah, me either. At least deleted scenes are being released now to tide us over until the obsession subsides or something else comes along and grabs our interest. In this first scene that’s been released, Rust he and his girlfriend Lori discuss their future together. A future that basically ends mid-conversation, because Rust FUCKING Cohle.

Lori: “Are you just…I don’t know…if you’re mostly good and just a coward, or if you’re an asshole who’s a little smarter than most.”

Rust: “Well, I’d hate to make that call.”

Fuckin’ A. Never change, Rust. Never change at all, you magnificent son of a bitch.

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