Thirsty News Anchor Goes In For A Goodbye Kiss On Hot Co-Worker And Now He Probably Wants To Die

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Context: This news anchor named Rebecca Judd is leaving her job at Australia’s News Nine because she’s pregnant with twins, due in October. Her colleague, Tony Jones, decided to be a big swingin’ dick and went rogue to interrupt the segment for what he thought would be a sure thing. And, as we all know now, he got stuffed at the goal line.

This moment had to be on Tony Jones’ mind for years. I’m guessing he passed up the opportunity at the Christmas party, only to go home and whack off to her next to his sleeping wife. He likely had an opportunity at the work Happy Hour a few months back but her loving husband showed up and squashed his plans. This was it. His final opportunity. Not the way he drew it up–in front of his male colleague and tens of thousands of viewers–but if he didn’t make his move, he’d wonder what could have been forever.

Let’s go inside the mind of a Greg Jennings Tony Jones to break down this plane crash frame by frame.

news kiss


news kiss 2


news kiss 3


news kiss 4


news anchor 9


news kiss 6

Take a good long look at the happiest man in Australia…

news kiss 7

It’s cool, Tony. You’re certainly not alone.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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