Newscaster Is Doing A Live Report When Whoops, There’s A Topless Woman On The Screen!

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naked woman live tv news


Maria del Carmen Gonzalez was giving a report during a Telemundo newscast when viewers got a very unexpected treat. How unexpected was it?

Check out the reaction of the show’s host to what she saw flash on the screen…

naked woman live tv news telemundo


That reaction was because the report being given was about the Puerto Rico version of Big Brother and they had a live feed of the show going while she was talking. Guess they didn’t realize that Melissa Saldivar, 35, from Houston, Texas was going to be removing her towel for all to see while they were broadcasting.

Ivonne Solla Cabrera of Telemundo later tweeted, “Hay videos que hablan por si solos. Cosas que pasan cuando se trasmite en VIVO,” which means, “There are videos that speak for themselves. Things that happen when transmitting LIVE.”

No kidding.

So, uh, how does one get to watch the the Puerto Rico version of Big Brother if say one were to want to do such a thing?


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