Philly Girl Talking About Why Pennsylvanians Should Vote Makes Me Hungry For Tastykake And Cheesesteaks

by 1 year ago

Sketch comedy writer Christine Nangle has an impressive resume of writing credits: Saturday Night Live, Inside Amy Schumer, and, my favorite, The Kroll Show. As a PA native, I was a huge fan of her reoccurring Pawnsylvania sketch with Nick Kroll, which pretty much nailed every single stereotype in existence about people from Philly and Pittsburgh.

Her Philly girl impression is spot on. So in the spirit of election day and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania being a pivotal swing state, Nangle brought her old Philly girl character back for a special message.

All I want are cheesesteaks from Dalessandro’s and Tastykake butterscotch krimpets after watching that.

Miss you, Pawnsylvania:

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