‘You Are the Syphilis to Everything I’ve Worked So Hard For’ After All These Years Brain Finally Tells Off Pinky


Some beautiful angel sent from heaven recently got together with the two voice actors who were responsible for Pinky and the Brain. He put them in a room, handed them a script, and watched them make fucking magic happen. Vulgar magic.

As most of us know, Pinky, the clueless, lovable dolt spent years wrecking Brain’s masterful plans, all the while Brain kept his cool, because DON’T EXPOSE THE CHILDREN TO SHIT LIKE THAT. But today, after all these years, we get to see Brain lose his fucking mind. At one point he says, “You are the syphilis to everything I’ve worked so hard For.” Someday, I hope to sincerely say that to someone. Or have it said to me. I think either would be equally outstanding.