Batshit Crazy Randy Quaid Put A Rupert Murdoch Mask On His Wife Then ‘Fucked’ Her In Epic YouTube Rant

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YouTube - E Quaid

Randy Quaid, aka Cousing Eddie from the Vacation movies, has done and said some crazy shit over the past few years, but this YouTube video he posted over the weekend is his weirdest move yet.

In the bizarre video Randy Quaid takes aim at several people including CEO of Village Roadshow Pictures Bruce Berman, Warner Bros., the New York Post, and most disturbingly as you will see, Rupert Murdoch (the owner of the New York Post).

He claims that Berman stole his house and Warner Bros. has had him falsely arrested six times by TMZ. (What?) But those rants were just the tip of the creepy iceberg as you may notice Quaid’s wife Evi sitting in the background in a bikini throughout. There’s a reason for that and the reason apparently was for when Quaid says to Rupert Murdoch, “You wanna fuck me, Rupert? Well, I’m gonna fuck you.” Because at that point he puts a Rupert Murdoch mask on her and proceeds to pretend to have sex with her. At least we assume he’s pretending. Who the hell knows?

Amazingly, there was no mention of the group of celebrity assassins, the “Star Whackers,” that Quaid says are out to get him and other stars.

Quaid and his wife are currently suing John Kerry in an effort to be able to return to the United States, despite there being felony charges on a $500,000 bench warrant over some fake credit cards they allegedly used.

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